Today the company owns a fleet of 125 trucks and a complete professional team with 160 employees. are transported prefabricated houses and groupage goods within Austria and in cross-border traffic in Europe.
2015 Buying land of 11.000 m².
2012 AEO Certificate-full (Customs)
2010 Kauf eines Grundstückes von ca. 10.000 m² und errichten einer neuen Lagerhalle.
2006 Enlargement of the truck car parking space on 35.000 m²
2005 Establishment of a branch in Styria. More Ankäufer of low-emission and environmentally friendly lorries (EURO IV and EURO V).
2004 Another acquisition in the industrial area.
2003 took Erik Meindl the company’s management.
2001 Commercial Registration Spedition.
1998 Enlargement of the truck car parking space on 20,000 m² and start a truck wash and a warehouse.
1992 the sole proprietorship Maria Meindl Meindl in the transport was Ges.m.b.H. converted.
1991 Starting a business in the Czech Republic.
1989 was after the acquisition of adequate land to be completed in the industrial area of Schrems a completely new building with warehouses, workshops, storage, laundry room and office.
1984 occurred son Erik Meindl joined the company.
1979 stepped daughter Silvia Gangl in the company.
1976 Übernahme des Witwenbetriebes.
1972 founded Maria and Helmut Meindl a transport company.
1944 meant the death of the founder a bad blow. The company was run by his wife Hermione as a widow operation by the end of the seventies.
1939 the company was founded by Emmerich Meindl.